Farming Manager

Farming Manager 4.2

Farming Manager is a simulation game where you need to construct a farm
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In this Farming Simulator PC game you’ll inherit a lowly ramshackle of a farm and will need to take on several important duties to mould it into one of the most successful businesses around. The previous owner fell behind on maintenance and many other tasks so you’ll need to be quick witted to shape it into an efficient and profitable farm.

Farming Manager allows you to invest in a great amount of different equipment, construct new barns and maintain the fields. There is a lot of work to be done and as your farm grows the workload will increase, but thankfully you can hire staff to complete a variety of different jobs on the farm.

Once you’ve settled in and begun generating a profitable income you’ll need to start upgrading your buildings and even making cosmetic changes to your farm. But be cautious of the changing seasons, harsh winters can be very problematic for your business.

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